Why primary care physicians should refer to POSC surgeons.

I had the opportunity to stop by 24 primary care provider offices right before Christmas. I missed a few, and hope to swing by others soon. My goal was simply to say thanks for referring your patients with surgical needs to doctors who make Prescott Outpatient Surgical Center their choice for procedures that are most appropriate for Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC).

POSC is the area’s only ASC that requires all doctors to be on staff with YRMC before we allow them privileges at our facility. Every one of our 28 current surgeons could choose to do all procedures at the Hospital Outpatient Department. They choose us for several reasons. 1.) Patients always come first. From initial contact to simple admissions and discharge process, friendly admin and surgical staff, and a true “one stop shop.” 2.) Flexible scheduling and shorter wait times for surgery. 3.) We only do surgery! Nothing else. We are here for one reason and one reason only…and we do our job extremely well. 4.) Lower cost for patients and insurance companies. Insurance payment plans for hospitals and ASC’s are completely different, and due to efficiencies, lower overhead, focus on surgical procedures that do not need the sophisticated and expensive infrastructure of a hospital, costs are a fraction of what hospitals have to charge. This results in lower out of pocket costs for patients.

We are proud of our association with YRMC and recognize that many surgical procedures need the extensive services they offer. Our surgeons know when it is best for the patient to use hospital facilities. The patient may be medically fragile, the procedure is beyond our scope of practice, or other reasons. But when you refer to “our docs,” you know that patient care is their primary concern, and they will choose the best environment based on all factors. We appreciate your support of our physicians.

I’ve attached a current list of procedures we can currently do at our facility, along with a current physician list and contact number for referrals. Please let us know if we can help in other ways, and please let me know if you are aware of specialists you work with who may be interested in using POSC for patient care!



John Coomer