Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights

The policy of POSC, the physicians, nurses, and entire staff is a commitment to meet your needs as our patient. We believe that a patient who understands and participates in his or her care will achieve the best results.

It has always been our policy to respect your individuality and your dignity.  We have a responsibility to give you the best medical care available, to respect your rights and to help you recognize your responsibilities as a patient. This information has been prepared to help you understand these rights.

Patient Rights
  1. To be treated with consideration, respect and full recognition of the patient’s dignity and individuality, including privacy in treatment and personal care needs including access to a public telephone if a bedside phone is not available.
  2. To be free from medical, chemical, physical and psychological abuse or neglect and physical restraints with the exception of an emergency when restraint is necessary to protect the patient from injury to self or others and is authorized by the attending physician.
  3. To refuse or withdraw consent for treatment or give conditional consent for treatment.
  4. To have medical and financial records kept in confidence and the release of such records shall be by written consent of the patient or the patient’s representative except as otherwise required or permitted by law.
  5. To be informed of the following;
    1. Proposed surgical procedures and risks involved
    2. Policy on advanced directives
    3. Costs of services prior to obtaining services or prior to a change in rates, charges, or services within two weeks prior to admission when possible
    4. Notice of third party coverage, including Medicare and Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System coverage; and
    5. The patient grievance process

Patient Responsibilities

  1. The responsibility for providing complete and accurate information related to your medical history, insurance coverage and pertinent financial information.
  2. The responsibility to participate in your treatment plan and to advise those treating you whether or not you can and will cooperate with the treatment. You are responsible for your actions for refusing to follow the treatment plan.
  3. The responsibility to notify the treating physician or nurse of any symptoms, changes, or occurrences in your physical condition or in your life which may affect your medical treatment plan.
  4. The responsibility to be considerate of others (patients and their family members and the healthcare team caring for you).
  5. The responsibility to respect the privacy of others, their property  and maintain the confidentiality of information.
  6. The responsibility for seeking an explanation from any treatment team member regarding any questions you have about your rights and responsibilities as defined above and informing POSC staff of any concerns.
  7. The responsibility for taking care of the financial obligations for your care as promptly as possible.
  8. The responsibility for  following the rules and regulations of the surgery center relating to patient care and conduct which includes control of noise, number of visitors and maintaining a smoke-free environment.
  9. Unresolved complaints against the facility can be addressed to the administrator at POSC John Coomer at (928) 778-9770. If a complaint remains unresolved the issue can be further addressed to one of the following agencies:
Arizona Department of Health Services         (602) 542-1025
Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman                (800) 633-4227